Building and Construction


Step Stool

  • Compact step stool ideal for kitchen use
  • Slim design for easy storage
  • Non slip rubber covered treads
  • 100kg load bearing capacity

3 Step Stool

  • Folding stool with handle
  • Domestic 100kg rated
  • Slip resistant steps
  • Safety latch
  • Light weight, easy to store

Gorilla Domestic Platform Ladder

  • High hand rail for safety
  • Anti slip steps and surface with lock in mechanism
  • 120kg load rated
  • Weighs 3.9kg​

Steady Stools

  • Australian designed and patented tough poly saw horse
  • 600mm high
  • Self levels
  • Lightweight and stackable
  • Anti slip feet and top
  • Weight tested to 300kg
  • Point tested to 250kg



Sup-ply also has on offer a range of supplies including adhesives, sealants, silicone, wood glue, PVA adhesive, contact adhesives, building filler, bulk buy screws, Phillips Head and Pozi Drive drill bits, soft close and overlay hinges, wood joining biscuits, fluted dowls, bench connectors, cable entry covers, adjustable legs, castor wheels, door seals aswell as spirit levels, rope, screw driver sets, tape measures, utility knives, drill bit sets, hammers and chisel sets...




6031 Panel Adhesive

  • High strength, general purpose solvent-based mastic adhesive
  • Specifically designed for easy installation of interior wood panelling, cement sheet, hardboard & plywood minimising nails & mechanical fasteners

Tool Box Original​ Adhesive & Sealant

  • MS polymer, moisture curing adhesive & sealant in one 
  • Paintable
  • Mould resistant
  • Interior / exterior application
  • For use on variety of surfaces

Max Bond Adhesive

  • Premium grade multi purpose construction adhesive
  • High bond strength
  • Non-flammable & solvent free
  • Low odour
  • Water based

Gap Filler

  • Premium quality acrylic gap filler
  • Paintable
  • Interior / exterior application
  • For use on a variety of surfaces

Building Filler

  • Fills gaps, cracks and holes in most common building materials
  • Interior/exterior
  • Sets rock hard, fast
  • Will not shrink or slump
  • Easy to sand and paint

770 Sanitary Sealant

  • Specially for use in wet areas
  • Resists mould & mildew
  • Strong adhesion
  • Use on variety of surfaces
  • Available in white & translucent

780 Plumbers Sealant

  • For use with potable (drinking) water (AS4020-1999)
  • Neutral cure - will not corrode metal or concrete
  • Permanently flexible: + / - 25% joint movement capabilty
  • Interior / exterior application
  • Water resistant
  • Use on variety of surfaces


​Titebond Original Wood Glue

  • Fast set – shortens clamp time
  • Bonds stronger than wood
  • Minimal or no creep
  • Solvent-resistant
  • Excellent sandability
  • Unaffected by finishes
  • Easy cleanup with water
  • FDA approved for indirect food contact
  • Perfect for assembly where short cure and open time is desired

Titebond Premium Wood Glue

  • First one-part wood glue to pass ANSI Type II water-resistance ( passes the soak test)
  • Minimal joint creep
  • Designed for exterior use
  • Excellent sandability
  • Unaffected by finishes
  • FDA approved for indirect food contact
  • Ideal for radio frequency (R-F) and hot press gluing systems
  • Easy cleanup with water

Titebond Ultimate Wood Glue

  • Passes ANSI/HPVA Type I water-resistance and D3 european standard ( passes the USA boil test)
  • Waterproof formula that cleans up with water
  • Superior strength – strong initial tack (has the highest bond strength of the cross link PVA)
  • Designed for interior and exterior applications
  • Longer open assembly time
  • Lower application temperature
  • Unaffected by finishes
  • FDA approved for indirect food contact

Titebond Melamine Wood Glue

  • Bonds melamine, vinyl coated products, and HPL to porous materials
  • Thicker formulation – fewer runs and drips
  • Fast setting – excellent strength
  • Dries clear
  • Long open time
  • Fast initial tack


Max Bond PVA Adhesive

  • Timber / MDF suitable
  • Water resistant (D3)
  • Interior / exterior use
  • Sandable - non clogging
  • Dries clear
  • Also available in 5 litre size

501 TAC Adhesive

  • A single pack moisture curing polyurethane based adhesive
  • Bonds to timber, MDF, melamine board
  • Very high bond strength
  • Waterproof
  • Sandable
  • Stainable
  • Solvent free
  • Interior / exterior use


  • High adhesive strength
  • Does not suffer creep in stressed joints 
  • Suitable for use on damp surfaces
  • 100% waterproof
  • Sets in 2 - 4 hours, fully cured in 24 hours 
  • Invisible in close fitting glue lines 
  • Contains no volatile or flammable ingredients 
  • Sands easily and does not blunt cutting tools
  • Has a better bond if moisture applied to surfaces being glued
  • Will gap fill but has no strenghth where gaps are present
  • Can be applied direct from the bottle
  • Bonds timber, semi-porous and non-porous surfaces

​Contact Adhesive

  • Suited for most small laminating jobs in the cabinet making industry such as edge strips, kick panels etc
  • Web spray pattern provides ease of application and prevents soak in
  • High temperature resistance (104ºC)
  • The application temperature is 12ºC to 14ºC
  • Fast tack
  • Premium grade laminating adhesive, ensures high strength bonds
  • Depending on conditions, the tack time is 3 - 5 minutes
  • Water resistant

Rapid Grip Liquid Contact Adhesive

  • Spreads easily and uniformly
  • Strong and fast bonding action
  • Heat and water resistant
  • Can be applied using brush, spreader or roller



  • Trusted quality
  • Self drilling screws
  • For use in chipboard, particle board and MDF
  • Coarse thread provides maximum grip
  • Ribbed head allows for efficient countersinking

​Sizes available;

8-10 x 20mm qty 500 8-10 x 35mm qty 500 8-10 x 50mm qty 500
8-10 x 25mm qty 500 8-10 x 40mm qty 500 10-8 x 65mm qty 500
8-10 x 30mm qty 500 8-10 x 45mm qty 500 10-8 x75mm qty 500



  • Phillips drive
  • Countersunk ribbed head
  • Self drill
  • Gold Passivated

Sizes available;

8-10 x 32mm qty 1000
8-10 x 51mm qty 1000


Wilson & Bradley

  • Pozi Drive
  • Zinc plated

Sizes available;

4 x 5/8" gauge 4  qty 1000 6 x 5/8"  gauge 6 qty 1000
4.5 x 30 gauge 8 qty 1000 8 x 1-1/8" gauge 8 qty 1000
4.5 x 50 gauge 8 qty 1000 8 x 2" gauge 8 qty 1000




Range of quality tools and equipment

Stanley Organiser

  • Removable dividers - store tools & small parts
  • Special lid structure - small parts stay in place & prevent movement from one compartment to another
  • Top lid lock to keep contents secure
  • Unique angled corners accommodate angled tools such as hammers

Stanley Heavy Duty Saw

  • Hardened & tempered teeth, 2 sided
  • Induction hardened blade - for long life
  • Soft grip handle - for comfort
  • Universal saw tooth - cuts across & along the grain​

​Stanley Box Level

  • Block magnifier, centre vial makes it easier to read
  • Large tubular side vials
  • Ergonomic design
  • Vial accuracy: 0.5mm/m
  • Length 1200 (mm), 3 vials

Stanley Hi-Visability Level​ 9" (228mm)

  • Light weight magnetic torpedo level
  • 3 easy to read vials (horizontal, vertical, 45 degrees)
  • Magnetic V-groove for pipe work and scaffolding
  • Tough rubber end caps

​Stanley Tape Measure

  • Tylon coated blade
  • Tough rubber / plastic case
  • Belt clip
  • Tools that stand out! Designed to be easily seen on the job site

Professional 7 Piece Screwdriver Set

  • Chrome vanadium steel bar
  • Soft grip handle moulded directly to shaft for ultimate strength
  • Colour coded handles
  • Robust, heavy duty case
  • Set includes: Flared 6.5 x 150mm; Parallel 3.5 x 75mm & 5.5 x125mm;
    Philips PH1 x 100mm, PH2 x 125mm; Pozi PZ1 X 100mm, PZ2 x 125mm

Professional 5 Piece Wood Chisel Set

  • Steel shaft for ultimate strength
  • Metal striking cap
  • Duragrip handle for total control
  • Special hardened chrome vanadium steel

​Stanley Fatmax Pocket Knife

  • Stainless steel blade with serrated & straight edges
  • Thumb stud for easy opening
  • Slim, lightweight, ergonomic handle design for comfort & control
  • Liner lock mechanism helps secure blade in open position

Pro Fixed Folding Knife

  • Compact foldable design
  • Blade storage in handle
  • Very fast blade change​

Folding Utility Knife

  • Light weight aluminium handle with clip locking stainless steel blade
  • Supplied with 10 replacement blades

19 Piece Twist Drill Bit Set

  • Diameter of 1 to 10mm, rising by 0.5mm
  • For drill holes in stainless steel
  • Handy carry storage container

3 Piece brush set

  • 25mm, 38mm & 50mm brushes
  • Suitable for interior/exterior paint
  • High quality synthetic filaments
  • Long lasting stainless steel ferrule
  • Comfortable high gloss handle

230mm Micro-fibre painting kit

  • Suitable for interior/exterior paint
  • Best for smooth surfaces, walls & ceilings
  • High absorbtion and super smooth paint release
  • Even first time coverage
  • Low splatter and lint free

PVC Duct Tape

  • 48mm x 30M
  • Stretch
  • Comfortability
  • Adhesion

Furniture Blanket

  • Size: 1.5M x 2.0M
  • Quality 300NW (patchwork, approx. 300g/m2, unhemmed)

Ratchet Tie Down


World's first user leveraged step trolley. The user's own body-weight is leveraged to lift, shift and lower heavy loads with far less strain on the user's back compared to standard sack-trolleys.

  • Australian invention
  • Reduces back injuries in lifting & shifting loads
  • Dual-handed operation for safety
  • Full safety-locking
  • Weight 18kg
  • Load capacity 80kg
  • Lift time <3 seconds
  • Lift height up to 640mm
  • Constructed of heat- reated aluminium & composite-reinforced plastics
  • Watch a demo below:




Limited Stock - Be Quick!




Transport Tie Down Ratchet Strap

50mm x 9M - 2500kg LC

Comply with AS/NZS 4380

1 Piece Pack


Ratchet TTD509-1

Transport Tie Down Ratchet Strap

28mm x 5M - 1200kg LC

2 Piece Pack

Comply with AS/NZS 4380


Ratchet TTD385-2

Transport Tie Down Ratchet Strap

25mm x 5M - 600kg LC

2 Piece Pack

Comply with AS/NZS 4380


Ratchet TTD255-2

Transport Tie Down Ratchet Strap

25mm x 4M - 450kg LC

2 Piece Pack

Comply with AS/NZS 4380


Ratchet RTD254-2

Transport Tie Down Ratchet Strap

25mm x 4M - 450kg LC

4 Piece Pack

Comply with AS/NZS 4380


Ratchet RTD254-4